AnnRenderingEngine Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
clipRectangle Gets the current clipping rectangle for this AnnRenderingEngine.
container Gets the AnnContainer associated with this AnnRenderingEngine.
containerLabelRenderer Gets the renderer used to render the container labels.
loadingPictureFill Gets or sets the object to use for filling the background of the loading picture placeholder rectangle.
loadingPictureStroke Gets or sets the object to use for stroking the border of the loading picture placeholder rectangle.
renderers Gets or sets the list of available AnnRenderingEngines.
renderState Gets or sets the states parts of the annotation objects to render.
resources Gets and sets the default resources for this AnnRenderingEngine.
snapToGridOptions Gets or sets the default AnnSnapToGridOptionsAnnRenderingEngine.
stateless Gets a value that indicates whether this rendering engine is stateless.
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