New White Paper: Capturing Customer Information from Driver’s Licenses using LEADTOOLS

Have you ever gone to a business for the first time and they hand you an iPad to enter your personal information? Did you enjoy that process or did it feel painfully slow? Or what about talking to the clerk at the desk having to repeat or spell out your name, address, etc., then get asked for your driver’s license to confirm? I recently ran into these kinds of check-in processes at several businesses and it got me thinking about how LEADTOOLS could seriously speed this up and make everyone’s lives better.

My thought is, if I’m already showing you my driver’s license, why do I have to keep filling this stuff out every visit? Other than my phone number and signature, everything they are asking me for is on there. LEADTOOLS can extract the data from the front of the license with its forms-based Driver’s License Recognition. And my NC driver’s license (along with many other states) has a PDF417 barcode that has all the same information on the front of the card. Both of these options are much faster than I can peck away on an iPad, and the required picture can be taken with the embedded camera.

Thus spawned the idea for our latest white paper:

Capturing Customer Information from Driver’s Licenses using LEADTOOLS
A wide variety of businesses are embracing technology as a means to enhance the way customers provide their information on the front-end of the customer service process. Upon arrival at the doctor’s office, car dealership, gym or even a restaurant, customers might be handed a tablet or directed to a kiosk to check in. This is an exciting change for device manufacturers and software developers, but does it always translate to better customer service? An ideal solution would rapidly capture information from a document or form of ID customers already have on them such as a driver’s license. This white paper will explore how programmers can use LEADTOOLS Driver’s License Recognition or Barcode Recognition to extract identifying information from driver’s licenses.


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