Vector Load and Save

To add vector load and save functionality:

Start with the project you created in Creating an Empty Vector Handle and Attaching it to a Window.

  1. In the solution explorer view open the Resources Files then double click on tutorial.rc

  2. Select IDC_TUTORIAL under the Menu

  3. Modify the Menu structure to be as the following:

    &Open with ID = IDM_OPEN   
    &Save with ID = IDM_SAVE   
    E&xit with ID = IDM_EXIT 

  4. Select File->Save All from the menu.

  5. Edit the _tWinMain function and change the line:

    WndClass.lpszMenuName = NULL; 


    WndClass.lpszMenuName = MAKEINTRESOURCE( IDC_TUTORIAL); 

  6. Add the following lines at the beginning of the tutorial.cpp file ander #include "stdafx.h"

    #include <commdlg.h> 
    #include "C:\LEADTOOLS21\Include\ltdlg.h" 

  7. Add these local variables under HDC hDC; in the WndProc function:

    static OPENFILENAME OpenFileName; 
    static L_TCHAR szFileName[ _MAX_PATH ]; 
    static L_TCHAR szFileTitle[ _MAX_PATH ]; 
    static L_TCHAR *szFilter[] = { TEXT("All Files\0*.*\0") }; 
    L_INT nRet; 

  8. Add these lines right after ResetView( hWnd, &Vector ); in WM_CREATE handle:

    // reset the OPENFILENAME structure   
    memset( &OpenFileName, 0, sizeof( OPENFILENAME ) );   
    OpenFileName.lStructSize = sizeof( OPENFILENAME );   
    OpenFileName.hwndOwner = hWnd;   
    OpenFileName.lpstrFilter = szFilter[ 0 ];   
    OpenFileName.lpstrFile = szFileName;   
    OpenFileName.nMaxFile = _MAX_PATH;   
    OpenFileName.lpstrFileTitle = szFileTitle;   
    OpenFileName.nMaxFileTitle = _MAX_PATH; 

  9. Modify the WM_COMMAND case in WndProc to be as the following:

    case WM_COMMAND: 
    wmId    = LOWORD(wParam); 
    wmEvent = HIWORD(wParam); 
    // Parse the menu selections: 
    switch (wmId) 
       case IDM_ABOUT: 
       DialogBox(hInst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDD_ABOUTBOX), hWnd, 
       case IDM_OPEN: 
       OpenFileName.Flags = OFN_HIDEREADONLY; 
       if( GetOpenFileName( &OpenFileName ) ) 
          // open the vector file 
          nRet = L_VecLoadFile ( szFileName, &Vector, NULL, 
          NULL ); 
          if( nRet != SUCCESS ) 
             MessageBox( hWnd, TEXT("Cannot open file!"), 
          TEXT("Error"), MB_ICONEXCLAMATION ); 
          GetClientRect( hWnd, &Rect ); 
          L_VecSetViewport ( &Vector, &Rect ); 
          ResetView( hWnd, &Vector ); 
       case IDM_SAVE: 
       OpenFileName.Flags = OFN_HIDEREADONLY | 
       if( GetSaveFileName( &OpenFileName ) ) 
          // save the vector file 
          nRet = L_VecSaveFile ( szFileName, &Vector, FILE_DXF, 
          NULL ); 
          if( nRet != SUCCESS ) 
             MessageBox( hWnd, TEXT("Cannot save file!"), 
          TEXT("Error"), MB_ICONEXCLAMATION ); 
       case IDM_EXIT: 
       return DefWindowProc(hWnd, message, wParam, lParam); 

  10. Modify the Imports.cpp file to be as the following:

    #include "stdafx.h" 
    #if defined(WIN64) 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\x64\\Ltvkrn_x.lib") 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\x64\\Ltkrn_x.lib") 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\x64\\Ltfil_x.lib") 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\Win32\\Ltvkrn_u.lib") 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\Win32\\Ltkrn_u.lib") 
       #pragma comment( lib, "..\\..\\..\\..\\Lib\\CDLLVC10\\Win32\\Ltfil_u.lib") 

  11. Compile and run the project. You will be able to view, load and save vector files as you browse your local hard disk.

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