password Property


Optional password to use with encrypted PDF files.

Object.defineProperty(UploadDocumentOptions.prototype, 'password', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
password: string; 

Property Value

The optional password to use with encrypted PDF files. The default value is null.


During uploading of encrypted PDF files the factory generally does not need to decrypt the file. This is left to later operations when the document is loaded from the cache for instance.

If the value of password is not null, then it will be stored along with the document data in the cache and subsequent calls to load the document from the cache will not require it.

When using PDF post upload operations, then the factory may interact with the PDF when DocumentFactory.endUpload is called and the password is required if the file is encrypted. Refer to Uploading Using the Document Library for more information.

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