resolution Property


Resolution of this page.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentPage.prototype, 'resolution', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
resolution: number; 

Property Value

The resolution of this DocumentPage in dots per inch (DPI).


If this DocumentPage corresponds to an original page in the document, then the resolution of the page is determined from the original document when LEADDocument was loaded. If this page was added to the document by the user, then the size is the value passed.

OriginalPageNumber is the page number of this DocumentPage in the original document. It is -1 if this page was added by the user.

Refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Document Library for more information.

Size and Resolution will always contain a value and is populated for all pages of the document upon initialization. The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer relies on this to create empty items for each page in the image viewer control. Each item will have the correct size but no image data. It will then loads the raster image or SVG objects for the page in a background thread.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.

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