DocumentPages Object


Represents a collection of DocumentPage objects.

function lt.Document.DocumentPages 
   extends LeadCollection 
class lt.Document.DocumentPages 
   extends LeadCollection 

DocumentPages manages the pages of the document. It can be accessed through the Pages property of LEADDocument.

DocumentPages derives from LeadCollection. You can use any of the collection methods to add, remove, insert, get, set and iterate through the pages.

As well as the collection support, DocumentPages has the following:

DocumentPage instances that belong to a source document can be added to a target (virtual) document at will. This allows the user to create a document that contain pages from various other documents in any order or number desired. When such pages are added to or removed from a DocumentPages collection, the DocumentDocuments collection in the target document will be updated to contain all the various child (source) documents owning the source pages.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.

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