serviceUserData Property


User data to be passed to the service with the next Document Service call.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentFactory, 'serviceUserData', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
static serviceUserData: any; 

Property Value

A JSON-compatible object. Default value is null.


In some instances, a developer may want to send arbitrary data to the service with any request. This is allowed through ServiceUserData and ServiceUserData. When the ServiceUserData property is set, it will be passed to the service with the next Document Service call. The Document Service can be modified to use this user's data.

ServiceUserData and ServiceUserData can be cleared after a successful service call. In the event that user data is returned as part of a response from the Document Service, the data object is available as a second argument to any done callback function that is defined for the returned Promise.

If the object is not JSON-compatible (meaning, for example, it contains a looping structure through properties), the service call will produce an error and not run. Note that if a user-data object containing a JavaScript function is to be passed to the Document Service, it must be as a string.

Refer to Promises in the Document Service Library and Document Application for more information.

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