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Overview and description of Leadtools Document classes, enumerations, and interfaces.

Class Description
Class AnnotationsRedactionOptions Options to use when applying redactions on a page.
Class ConvertItem Properties of a conversion output file.
Class ConvertRedactionOptions Options to use when applying the redactions during convert operations.
Class CreateDocumentOptions Options to use when creating a new document.
Class DocumentAnnotations Manages the global annotations settings for the document.
Class DocumentAttachment Properties of an attachment in a LEADDocument.
Class DocumentAttachments Represents a collection of DocumentAttachment objects.
Class DocumentBarcodes Manages the global barcode settings for the document.
Class DocumentBookmark Represents a document bookmark (table of content) item.
Class DocumentCharacter Contains the properties of a text character found in the page.
Class DocumentConverterJobData Data for a document converter job.
Class DocumentConvertResult Result of a successful document conversion.
Class DocumentDocuments Represents a collection of LEADDocument objects.
Class DocumentFactory Provides support for loading LEADDocument objects as well as managing the global settings used by the Document library.
Class DocumentImages Manages the global image settings for the document.
Class DocumentLink Holds the properties of a link inside the document.
Class DocumentLinkTarget Defines the target of an internal link in the document.
Class DocumentPage Represents a page in the current LEADDocument.
Class DocumentPages Represents a collection of DocumentPage objects.
Class DocumentPageText Contains the text characters and words found in a document page.
Class DocumentRedactionOptions Options to use when applying the redactions to a LEADDocument.
Class DocumentRotateFlip Holds the rotation and flip value of a view perspective.
Class DocumentStructure Manages the structure of the document.
Class DocumentText Manages the text options of the document.
Class DocumentUploadProgress Encapsulates the state and progress of a document upload.
Class DocumentViewCommand Command to run when this document is set into a document viewer.
Class DocumentViewOptions Optional initial view options to use when a document is set in a document viewer.
Class DocumentWord Contains the properties of a text word found in the page.
Class LEADDocument Encapsulates a multipage document with support for raster and SVG images, bookmarks, annotations, and text data.
Class LoadAttachmentOptions Options to use when loading an attachment.
Class LoadDocumentOptions Options to use when loading a document.
Class PDFPrinter Class for generating printable PDFs.
Class PDFPrinterOptions Options to use when generating a printable PDF.
Class PDFPrintResult Resulting object generated from the PDFPrinter.asPrintablePDF method.
Class PrepareAjaxEventArgs Data for the PrepareAjax event.
Class SaveAttachmentToCacheOptions Options used to save an attachment to the cache.
Class ServiceError Encapsulates error information from a failed call to the Document Library Service.
Class ServiceStatus Document service status.
Class UploadDocumentOptions Options to use when uploading a document to the cache.
Class ViewRedactionOptions Options to use when applying the redactions during view operations.
Interface Description
Interface AbortableJQueryPromise Defines the return type of the call to UploadFile or UploadFileDocument.
Interface CacheInfo Information and properties of a document in the cache.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration DocumentCacheStatus The status of this document in the cache.
Enumeration DocumentConverterAnnotationsMode Annotation conversion options.
Enumeration DocumentConverterEmptyPageMode Controls how empty pages are treated during the conversion.
Enumeration DocumentConverterJobErrorMode Controls how the engine handles errors that may occur during conversion.
Enumeration DocumentConverterSvgImagesRecognitionMode Determines how image elements inside SVG documents are treated during SVG conversion.
Enumeration DocumentDataType Data type of a LEADDocument.
Enumeration DocumentFontStyles Font style.
Enumeration DocumentGetSvgOptions Options to use when getting an SVG document for a page.
Enumeration DocumentLinkType Type of a document link object.
Enumeration DocumentLoadAttachmentsMode Controls how to handle the embedded attachment found in the document during loading.
Enumeration DocumentLoadMode Load document mode.
Enumeration DocumentPageFitType Specifies how to fit the page when an internal link is invoked.
Enumeration DocumentRedactionMode Annotations redaction mode.
Enumeration DocumentTextExtractionMode Mode to use when extracting text from this document.
Enumeration DocumentTextImagesRecognitionMode Indicates how to treat the image elements encountered in the input SVG page during text extraction.
Enumeration DocumentUploadProgressState Specifies the state of the document upload.
Enumeration DocumentViewAnnotationsUserMode Annotations user mode.
Enumeration DocumentViewItemType View item type.
Enumeration DocumentViewLayout View layout.
Enumeration DocumentViewSizeMode View size mode options.
Enumeration OcrEngineStatus Status of the OCR engine on the server.
Enumeration RasterImageFormat Indicates the raster image file format.

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