verifyService Method


Makes a parameter-less call to the Document Service to verify a proper connection and obtain service information.

verifyService = function() 
static verifyService(): JQueryPromise<ServiceStatus>; 

Return Value

A Promise object that may resolve successfully to an object of type ServiceStatus.


It is useful to call VerifyService at the startup of an application to verify that the web application has a connection to the running service.

The result ServiceStatus contains the following members:

Member Description
Message "Ready" if the service was reached successfully.
Time The current date and time if the service was reached successfully.
IsLicenseChecked true if a LEADTOOLS license was checked by the service successfully; otherwise, false. The false return can be due to a LEADTOOLS license that could not be checked. Usually, an exception occurred while setting the license.
IsLicenseExpired true if the LEADTOOLS license in the services has been expired; otherwise, false if the license is ready to be used.
IsCacheAccessible true if the cache on the service is accessible; otherwise, false.
KernelType A string that contains the type of LEADTOOLS kernel currently used by the service, this could be "Release" or "Evaluation".
OcrEngineStatus Status of the OCR engine on the server.
ServiceName Name of the service.
ServicePlatform Platform the service is running on, such as .NET Framework, Core or Java.
ServiceOperatingSystem Server Operating System, such as Windows, Linux or macOS.
ServiceVersion Current service version.
KernelVersion Version of the LEADTOOLS kernel used by the service.
MultiplatformSupportStatus Status of multi-platform support on the service.

The members of ServiceStatus allow the developer to quickly debug issues that may occur in the service. If the value of ServiceStatus.Message is "ready", then a connection between the client JavaScript code and the server was established successfully. Otherwise, check the value of the error in ServiceError as usual.

The other members can be used to detect the type of the LEADTOOLS license set in the service code. If the IsLicenseExpired is true, then other calls to the service will fail and the developer is responsible for obtaining a new license from LEADTOOLS.

The rest of the members can be used to obtain general information about the service such as its version and the operating system and platform of the server.

If an error is returned from the method, check that IIS has an application set up for Leadtools.Documents.Service. See Document Viewer Application for more information.

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