Leadtools.Document.Viewer Introduction


The Document Viewer uses LEADTOOLS Raster and Document support, as well as Caching, SVG, OCR, Annotations, and Image Viewer technologies to allow creating applications that can view, edit, and modify any type of document on the desktop or web with a minimal amount of code.

Key Features

File Formats

View document, vector, and raster formats in one viewer, including the following formats:

Conservation and Performance


Interactive Tools

Use document-specific interactive tools, including:

Large Document Handling

Virtual Documents

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer is a standalone viewing solution, perfect for rapid customization and integration into existing document management systems and workflows. This easy-to-use viewer programming interface is available for .NET (C# & VB) and HTML5/JavaScript.

Supported Environments

See Also


Getting Started (Guide to Example Programs)

Using LEADTOOLS Document Viewer

Version History

Leadtools.Document.Viewer Assembly Changes

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