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HasDocumentPageText Method


Indicates whether the text for the specified page have been obtained.

public bool HasDocumentPageText( 
   int pageNumber 
Public Function HasDocumentPageText( 
   ByVal pageNumber As Integer 
) As Boolean 
   bool HasDocumentPageText( 
      int pageNumber 



Pager number to use. If this value is 0, then this method works as HasAnyDocumentPageText to obtain

the result for all the pages.

Return Value

true if the text for the specified page have been obtained; otherwise, false.


DocumentViewerText contains many operations that require the text of the page(s) being parsed. This is done by calling the DocumentPage.GetText method of the page.

DocumentPage.GetText parses the text from the page using SVG or OCR and that could be a slow operation. Hence, when it is called by DocumentViewerText, the result DocumentPageText object is stored internally and re-used when it is needed.

When the user sets a new LEADDocument in DocumentViewer using SetDocument, the saved DocumentPageText objects are discarded but the viewer will not start parsing the text for any pages till it is needed.

The text for pages are obtained through the use of AutoGetText, GetDocumentPageText or GetAllDocumentPageText.

To check whether the text for a particular page is obtained, use HasDocumentPageText.

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