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DocumentViewer Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
Annotations Manages the annotations support in this document viewer.
Public Property AutoDisposeDocument Indicates whether to automatically dispose the existing object when a new document is set in the viewer.
Public Property Bookmarks Manages the bookmarks and table of content in this document viewer.
Public Property Commands Manages the commands of the document viewer.
Public Property CurrentPageNumber Gets the current page number.
Public Property Diagnostics Manages the diagnostic rendering in this document viewer.
Public Property Document Current document object set in this viewer.
Public Property HasDocument Indicatesif the viewer has a document.
Public Property PageCount Number of pages in the current document.
Public Property SmartCurrentPageNumber Controls the behavior of the CurrentPageNumber.
Public Property Text Manages the text operations in this document viewer.
Public Property Thumbnails Manages the thumbnails in this document viewer.
Public Property UserName Name of the user
Public Property View Manages the main content view in this document viewer

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