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WorkerCount Property


Indicates the number of thumbnails workers.

public int WorkerCount { get; set; } 
Public Property WorkerCount() As Integer 
   property int WorkerCount 
      int get() 
      void set(int value) 

Property Value

The number of thumbnails workers, default value is 4. This value cannot be less than 1.


WorkerCount is not used when the value of UseGrids is true.

When the value of UseGrids is false (the default), then this class loads the thumbnail of the pages one at a time (through the use of DocumentPage.GetThumbnailImage and DocumentViewerOperation.GetThumbnail operation will contain the thumbnail image data in the DocumentViewerOperationEventArgs.Data1 member.

Getting a thumbnail involves making a call to the LEADDocument using DocumentPage.GetThumbnailImage to get the image data, loading it internally and waiting for it to be ready then rendering it on the image viewer.

During this waiting part, this class can start loading another thumbnail if needed up to WorkerCount. The maximum numbers of thumbnails being loaded that has not been processed will not exceed the value set in WorkerCount.

The higher the number, the more stress on the machine and the default value of 4 is a good compromise between speed and system load. To reduce service stress, consider LazyLoad.


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