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DocumentViewerFindText Class


Contains options for a find text operation.

public class DocumentViewerFindText 
Public Class DocumentViewerFindText 
   ref class DocumentViewerFindText 

DocumentViewerFindText contains properties to indicate the bounds, content, and other options to use for DocumentViewerText.Find. The options in DocumentViewerFindText are useful for conducting multi-result find text operations with control over character bounds, case matching, result highlighting, and more.

As discussed below, DocumentViewerFindText used to search for only one result at a time and internally held the last result, so that reuse of the same instance would search starting from that last result. From on, DocumentViewerFindText now holds no internal state and always relies on the values of BeginPosition and Start for the initial search location.

Refer to DocumentViewerText.Find for more information.


This class no longer holds internal state for previous searches, and some properties have been added or removed. Refer to DocumentViewerText.Find for more information.

Changed Property Summary of Change
AutoEnsureVisible Removed - Replaced by SelectFirstResult
AutoSelect Removed - Replaced by SelectFirstResult
GoToNextPage Removed - Replaced by BeginPosition and EndPosition
PageNumber Removed - Replaced by BeginPosition and EndPosition
Recursive Removed - Replaced by Loop
BeginPosition Added
EndPosition Added
FindAll Added
Loop Added
RenderResults Added
SelectFirstResult Added
Start Added
ManualStartPosition Added

Refer to DocumentViewerText.Find for an example.

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