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RenderOnImage Method (AnnJavaRenderingEngine_java)

Renders the container into the specified image.
public RasterImage renderOnImage(AnnContainer container, RasterImage inputImage) 


The source AnnContainer to be rendered.

The target RasterImage.

Return Value

The result image containing the original image data plus the objects of the contaner overlaid on top.


RenderOnImage can be used to quickly render an annotation to a destination image. The method will automatically renders the objects of the container fitted into the rectangle created by the image width and height keeping the aspect ratio. This method does not erase the content of the image, instead the objects are rendered on top of the existing pixel data.

The method can be used to quickly accomplish the following:

  • Render the container on a smaller image, for example to create a thumbnail: Create a smaller version of the original image at the desired size and then pass it to RenderOnImage.

  • Render the container on an image used for printing. Create a temporary image, renders the contaienr on it and then print the result image.

  • Render the container on an image for saving to an externalf ile or taking a screenshot of the current container.

RenderState can be used to control what state parts of the annotation objects are rendered. For example, you may choose not to render the lock or content pictures when creating a thumbnail, save the original value of RenderState, set it to AnnRenderState.None, call RenderOnImage and then re-set the original value.

This method returns the same _inputImage_ reference.


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