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RenderHitTest Method (AnnD2DThumbStyle)

Queries the specified location to determine if a test point is over the thumb using the specified mapper.
public virtual bool RenderHitTest(  
   LeadPointD location, 
   LeadPointD testPoint, 
   double hitTestBuffer, 
   AnnContainerMapper mapper 
Public Overridable Function RenderHitTest( _ 
   ByVal location As LeadPointD, _ 
   ByVal testPoint As LeadPointD, _ 
   ByVal hitTestBuffer As Double, _ 
   ByVal mapper As AnnContainerMapper _ 
) As Boolean 


The location of the thumb to test in container coordinates.

The point to test in container coordinates.

The hit test buffer is used to make the test point "bigger" to compensate for errors and provide smoother hit-testing. For example, if the buffer value is 2, a square with a length of 4 units around the test point will be used to perform the hit-testing. This value is in container coordinates.

The mapper object to use for converting coordinates. This cannot be null.

Return Value

true if the specified test point is over the thumb; otherwise, it is false.


The automation framework will call RenderHitTest repeatedly to determine if a user input location is over a thumb. For example, to determine if the framework should start dragging a side of a selected object or to start rotating it.


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