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AddObject Method (AnnD2DObjectRenderer)

Called by the state annotation rendering engine to add the element for this object.
public virtual void AddObject(  
   AnnObject annObject 
Public Overridable Sub AddObject( _ 
   ByVal annObject As AnnObject _ 


The annotation object being added.


This method should be implemented by state renderers to add the equivalent element for the annotation object.

The rendering engine will call AddObject when the annotation object is first rendered to a container. The object renderer should create the equivalent state element (such as an SVG or XAML element) for the object at this point. It is recommended to use AnnObject.StateId to store the state (or element) ID at this point inside the object.

The engine will then call Render every time the object is changed. The object renderer can obtain the equivalent element using StateId and update it at this point.

When an annotation object is removed from the container, the rendering engine will call RemoveObject. The object renderer must then remove the object state (element) using StateId.

Implement this method only when you have a state rendering engine, such as SVG or XAML renderers. In stateless rendering engines, such as GDI+, you should implement this method but leave it empty.


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