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GetRenderPoints Method (AnnD2DTextRollupObjectRenderer)

Gets the points that must be rendered for this object.
public override LeadPointD[] GetRenderPoints(  
   AnnContainerMapper mapper, 
   AnnObject annObject 
Public Overrides Function GetRenderPoints( _ 
   ByVal mapper As AnnContainerMapper, _ 
   ByVal annObject As AnnObject _ 
) As LeadPointD() 


The mapper object to use for converting coordinates.

The object to render.

Return Value

An array of points to render.


This method is called by the renderer to get the points of the objects. The default implementation in this class returns the same points as AnnObject.Points. The renderer then draws a polyline or polygon of these points and strokes and fills it to draw the object.

This implementation is enough for simple objects such as a line or a rectangle and the type renderer will just use this default implementation and not override this behavior. If you have a more complex shape where the number of points to render is not the same as AnnObject.Points, then you can override this method to return your own set of points.


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