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RenderLabel Method (AnnD2DLabelRenderer)

Renders the specified label.
Public Overridable Sub RenderLabel( _ 
   ByVal mapper As AnnContainerMapper, _ 
   ByVal label As AnnLabel, _ 
   ByVal operations As AnnFixedStateOperations _ 


The mapper object to use for converting coordinates. Must not be null.

The label to render. Must not be null.

The fixed state of the owner object.


This is the label renderer implementation for this platform. For more information, refer to IAnnLabelRenderer.RenderLabel.

This method is called by the framework to render the text labels of an annotation object. The following is performed by this implementation:

  1. The values of AnnLabel.OriginalPosition is converted to physical coordinates by using mapper.AnnContainerMapper.PointFromContainerCoordinates

  2. The size of the (AnnLabel.Text) label text is measured and clipped against the AnnRenderingEngine.ClipRectangle if the value of the AnnLabel.RestrictionMode property was set to AnnLabelRestriction.RestrictToContainer

  3. Finally, the text label is rendered into the AnnRenderingEngine.Context property using the values of the AnnLabel.Font property for the text font style and size, the AnnLabel.Foreground property as the text color and the AnnLabel.Background property as the brush to fill the background of area covered by the text.


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