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NullInstance Field


An object that represents a null SvgDocument.

public static readonly SvgDocument NullInstance 
Public Shared ReadOnly NullInstance As SvgDocument 
   static SvgDocument^ NullInstance 

Field Value

An object that represents a null SvgDocument.


In some instances, an SvgDocument object that is not initialized (is null) is required. For instance, when serializing raster images to a system that do not support a true null value. In this case, NullInstance can be used to represent an SvgDocument that has not been initialized (but is not null). IsNull can be used to test whether an SvgDocument object is the null instance.

The NullInstance raster image is a global object and calling any other member besides IsNull will throw an exception. The one exception is calling Dispose which will be ignored.

Note that calling svgDocumentObject.IsNull is the equivalent of svgDocumentObject == SvgDocument.NullInstance.


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