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Leadtools.Svg Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Svg classes.

Class Description
Assembly Utility class to force dynamic loading of this assembly in the Xamarin platform.
Class SvgDataUri Represents a data URI object.
Class SvgDocument Represents a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) document.
Class SvgElementInfo Holds the information of an SVG element.
Class SvgEnumerateOptions Options to use when enumerating SVG elements (nodes).
Class SvgFlatOptions Options to use when flattening an SVG document.
Class SvgLoadOptions Options to use when loading SVG documents.
Class SvgMergeOptions Options to use with the SvgDocument.MergeWith method.
Class SvgNodeHandle Represents a node (element) in an SVG document.
Class SvgRenderOptions Options for rendering an SVG document to a target device.
Class SvgSaveOptions SVG write options
Class SvgSortOptions Options to control how to sort the elements in this SVG document.
Class SvgTextData Contains the data of a text element.
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Leadtools.Svg Assembly