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GetDigitalSignatureSupportStatus Method


Gets the status of digital signature support in the LEADTOOLS PDF toolkit.

public static RasterExceptionCode GetDigitalSignatureSupportStatus() 
Public Shared Function GetDigitalSignatureSupportStatus() As RasterExceptionCode 
   static RasterExceptionCode^ GetDigitalSignatureSupportStatus() 

Return Value

A RasterExceptionCode that indicates the status of digital signature support in the LEADTOOLS PDF toolkit. A value of RasterExceptionCode.Success indicates that digital signature support is available and ready to use. Any other value indicates that either the required libraries are missing, or digital signature support is not available for this platform.


The LEADTOOLS PDF toolkit requires OpenSSL 1.1.0 to implement the optional digital signature reading and writing features.

Previously, LEADTOOLS compiled the source code and included the binaries in the installation setup. In the current installation, the binaries are no longer included, but are available as a separate download.

Use this method to query if digital signature support is available in the PDF toolkit. Refer to LEAD-Compiled OpenSSL Binaries for more information.


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