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PDFDocument Constructor(Stream,string)


Initializes a new PDFDocument from the specified stream containing a PDF file and (optional) password.

public PDFDocument( 
   Stream stream, 
   string password 
Public Function New( _ 
   ByVal stream As Stream, _ 
   ByVal password As String _ 
   Stream^ stream, 
   String^ password 


The stream containing an existing PDF file. This cannot be null and must support reading and seeking.

The password to use if stream contains an encrypted PDF file.


The PDFDocument class encapsulates a PDF document on disk or stream and allows you to read the pages, objects and images from the document.

stream must be kept alive as long as this PDFDocument object is alive and should not be disposed of. The stream can be safely disposed of when disposing this PDFDocument.

stream must contain the data of a valid PDF file. If the PDF file is encrypted, then password is used to try to decrypt the file. If the password value is not correct, an exception will be thrown. Another way of loading PDF documents is to use the PDFDocument(Stream stream) constructor. This constructor does not work on encrypted PDF files. Use the PDFFile.IsEncrypted to determine whether a PDF file is encrypted.

This method will initialize the members of PDFDocument as follows:

Use PDFDocument Constructor(String,String) to create a PDF document from a file on disk.


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