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PrepareInstancePageQueryCommand Method


Initializes a System.Data.IDbCommand object to query for Composite Instance information using matching parameters for pagination.

protected abstract void PrepareInstancePageQueryCommand( 
   IDbCommand command, 
   Collection<CatalogElement[]> matchingParamsCollection, 
   QueryPageInfo queryPageInfo 
Protected MustOverride Sub PrepareInstancePageQueryCommand( 
   ByVal command As System.Data.IDbCommand, 
   ByVal matchingParamsCollection As System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection(Of Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer.Catalog.CatalogElement() 
   ByVal queryPageInfo As QueryPageInfo) 
   virtual void PrepareInstancePageQueryCommand( 
      System::Data::IDbCommand^ command, 
      System::Collections::ObjectModel::Collection<array<Leadtools::Medical::DataAccessLayer::Catalog::CatalogElement^>^>^ matchingParamsCollection, 
      QueryPageInfo^ queryPageInfo 
   ) abstract 



Type: System.Data.IDbCommand

The database command that will be initialized to execute the query.


Type: Collection of CatalogElement Array

The matching parameters for the query.


Type: QueryPageInfo

Specifies the page number and page size that will result from the executing the query.


This is similar to the PrepareInstancePageQueryCommand method, except that the query will generate paginated results. The queryPageInfo is used to specify a page number and page size for the results. For example, suppose that the executing the query returns 100 rows. If queryPageInfo specifies a page size of 10, and a page number of 3. Executing the query will then return 10 total rows (the page size) starting with row 30 (PageNumber * PageSize). Therefore, the result would be rows 30 through 40.

Note to inheritors: The patient, studies and series information should be included with the composite instances information. Each CatalogElement is a matching parameter value. All CatalogElement in an array will be combined with AND operation in the condition statement. Each array in the collection will be combined with OR operation in the condition statement.


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