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GenerateMetadataXml Method


Stores XML metadata for all DICOM Datasets stored in the database.

public void GenerateMetadataXml( 
   DicomDataSetSaveXmlFlags flags, 
   MetadataScope scope 



Flags that affect how binary data and other information is saved in the XML output file.


An enumeration that specifies if the count is for existing, missing, or all XML metadata records.


This method iterates through all instances stored in the Instance database table.

  • Loads the instance into a DicomDataSet
  • Converts the DICOM elements from DicomDataSet to XML metadata
  • Stores the metadata in the MetadataXml database table

The scope parameter determines if metadata is generated for a DICOM instance.

  1. If scope is MetadataScope.All then XML metadata is generated for all instances in the Instance table.

  2. If scope is MetadataScope.Existing then XML metadata is generated only for existing metadata instances in the MetadataXml table.

  3. If scope is MetadataScope.Missing then XML metadata is generated only for instances in the Instance table that do not have corresponding XML metadata.

This method fires these events:


For an example, refer to IStorageDataAccessAgent4.


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