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Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer Introduction (PACS)


The Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer namespace contains base classes and helpers for implementing customized data access layers. It provides a unified method for creating data access objects from configuration files. These classes define methods for creating matching parameters for data access objects that can be extended by developers without changing the data access interface. The SDK also provides helper methods for working with SQL Server databases.

Key Features:

  • Factory classes for implementing Data Access objects that can be created dynamically from configuration

  • Defines the interfaces for creating matching parameters that can be extended without changing the interface for the Data Access objects

  • Provides base classes for describing the data storage (Database, XML files…) contents to the Data Access objects so it can dynamically work with any schema changes to the physical data store without the need to recompile

  • Provides helper methods for generating SQL Server conditions (SQL WHERE Statements) from matching parameters and for querying databases

Supported Environments

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Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer Assembly