Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer.Catalog Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy

Overview and description of Leadtools Medical DataAccessLayer Catalog classes, and interfaces.

Class Description
CatalogDescriptor Provides information about properties in an ICatalogEntity class.
Class CatalogElement Provides an abstraction of a property on a ICatalogEntity class.
Class CatalogEntity Provides a default implementation for the ICatalogEntity.
Class EntityElementAttribute Specifies that a property is a catalog element in an ICatalogEntity object.
Class ForeignKeysAttribute Specifiesh that the underlying ICatalogEntity type of a property has key dependency in the current ICatalogEntity type.
Class XmlCatalog Uses an XML stream to provide a description for catalog entities.

Interface Description
ICatalog Provides a description for catalog entities.
Interface ICatalogEntity Indicates that a class has extended information which can be retrieved from ICatalog

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