Files to be Included with your Application


Files for redistribution are installed by the LEADTOOLS setup.


You may not copy or redistribute any of the following files without obtaining the proper license. In some cases, the license is included with your initial purchase of LEADTOOLS. In other cases, you must obtain a license from a third party or enter into a royalty agreement with LEAD to obtain the proper license. For these special licensing situations, see the notes below accompanying the specific file.


Use and deployment of the .JS files with your application requires that a server license be purchased for each webserver the .JS file is installed upon. If you are using any other portions of LEADTOOLS on your web server, you may need additional licenses.

Provided you have obtained the necessary license, you may deploy the .JS files on the licensed webserver for use in conjunction with your application through the http protocol supported by your webserver and your end users web-browsers. The .JS files may not be redistributed, copied or otherwise made available for use by any other application other than the end user web application for which you have obtained a valid server license. You may not remove any copyright strings that are included with the .JS files, or otherwise modify the .JS file or reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile it or otherwise attempt to discover the underlying algorithms or other trade secrets contained in the software.

The following table summarizes the .JS files that you can use in your applications.

JS File / Namespace Comments


Contains core classes for LEADTOOLS functionality including data types and helper classes.


Contains Image Viewer control classes and classes for UI interactive mode support.


LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript classes for implementing client-side window-leveling and image processing.


Contains core classes for LEADTOOLS annotation support, including annotation object classes, interfaces for annotation renderers, and helper classes.


Contains classes for building edit mode and run mode designers for annotation objects.


Contains classes for building edit mode and run mode designers for annotation on BatesStamp objects.


Contains classes for rendering annotation objects.


Contains classes for implementing automated mode annotations (with end-user interaction).


Contains classes for loading, saving and converting any type of document file.


Contains classes for the document viewer.


Contains classes for the LEADVIEW Viewer Library.


Contains classes for processing images (or selected image portions), such as brightness, contrast and others.


Contains classes for processing images (or selected image portions), such as resizing, or remapping bitmap intensity.


Contains classes for processing images (or selected image portions), such as anti-aliasing, or applying spatial or binary filters.


Contains classes for functions such as those for monitoring status, or flipping or reversing images.


Contains sample Web services and applications.

The following files are required for Client-side PDF rendering support in the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer. The files are located in the pdfjs folder inside your Redist\JS installation directory.

File Comments

Main client-side PDF renderer


PDF renderer web worker


PDF renderer modenizer


Resource files for unicode and font support

LEADTOOLS SDK Platform and Application-Specific Redistributables

Application-Specific: For LEADTOOLS SDK core redistributables requirement of the exact assemblies and libraries to use on a specific platform and application, refer to the Files to be Included.
Assembly Directory: For LEADTOOLS SDK installation directory information, refer to Installation Directory.
Licensing: For licensing information, refer to LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing and LEADTOOLS Runtime Licensing FAQ
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