Error Codes

The LEADTOOLS toolkit returns error and success notifications to applications in the form of HRESULT values.

A return code's LOWORD portion is the return code itself, in hexadecimal format.

The COM Win32 HRESULT documentation contains more information, including how to use the FAILED and SUCCEEDED macros to test return values.

The LEADTOOLS filters will return E_EVAL_EXPIRED (0x80050010) if you attempt to create them after the evaluation period has expired.

Some components will convert DOS error codes to 0x8003zzzz, where "zzzz" is the error code. For example, the DOS error code ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND (0x03) is converted to 0x80030003. For a complete list, see the GetLastError function in the Microsoft Platform SDK documentation.

Value Number Meaning
NOERROR 0 No error. Numerically equivalent to S_OK.
S_OK 0 Success. Numerically equivalent to NOERROR.
S_FALSE 1 Success. Condition was FALSE.
E_OUTOFMEMORY &H80000002 Insufficient memory.
E_INVALIDARG &H80000003 Argument is invalid.
E_NOTIMPL &H80004001 Method is not supported.
E_POINTER &H80004003 NULL pointer argument.
E_FAIL &H80004005 Failure.
E_UNEXPECTED &H8000FFFF Unexpected error.
E_SHARING_VIOLATION &H80070020 The output file is in use.
E_EAL_EXPIRED &H80050010 The evaluation period for the filter has expired.
LTMM_E_REBUILDNEEDED &H80050012 The graph has changed - it should be rebuilt.
LTMM_E_INVALID_DATA &H80050013 Invalid data.
LTMM_E_INVALID_HEADER &H80050014 Invalid packed data.
LTMM_E_DISABLED &H80050015 This feature is disabled.
LTMM_E_INVALID_VERSION &H80050016 This version is not supported.
LTMM_E_STILLIMAGE_LOCKED &H80050017 The LEADTOOLS still image toolkit needs to be unlocked.
LTMM_E_STILLIMAGE_MISSING &H8005001A One or more raster LEADTOOLS modules are missing.
LTMM_E_BADURL_OPTIONS &H8005001B The options passed in the URL are invalid.
LTMM_S_PREROLL &H8005001C The Preroll sample was not delivered (Internal use).
LTMM_E_LOGGING_NOT_STARTED &H8005001D Logging needs to have started to call this method.
LTMM_E_DVR_DISCARDED_DATA &H80050020 You are trying to read discarded data.
LTMM_E_DVR_NO_RECORDINGS &H80050021 There are no recordings in the stub file.
LTMM_E_DVR_CORRUPT_STUB_FILE &H80050022 The stub file is corrupt.
LTMM_E_DVR_STOPPED &H80050023 The DVR has stopped writing data.
LTMM_S_DVR_WAITING &H00050024 The DVR source is waiting for data to be written to disk.
LTMM_E_DVR_CHANGING_ATTRIBUTES &H80050025 The DVR sink is changing attributes.
LTMM_E_DVR_SUSPENDED &H80050026 Reading for current sample is temporarily suspended.
LTMM_E_DVR_RECORDINGINUSE &H80050027 The recording I am trying to create is in use.
LTMM_E_RTSP_PARSING_STREAM &H80050030 An error has occurred parsing the stream description.
LTMM_E_RTSP_DESCRIBE_FAILED &H80050031 The DESCRIBE RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_SETUP_FAILED &H80050032 The SETUP RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_PLAY_FAILED &H80050033 The PLAY RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_PAUSE_FAILED &H80050034 The PAUSE RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_TEARDOWN_FAILED &H80050035 The TEARDOWN RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_OPTIONS_FAILED &H80050036 The OPTIONS RTSP command has failed.
LTMM_E_RTSP_UNAUTHORIZED &H80050037 The command failed due to a bad username and/or password.
LTMM_E_RTSP_RECONNECT &H80050038 Internal use - reconnect to the server.
LTMM_E_RTSP_URL_NOT_FOUND &H80050039 The RTSP server does not contain this URL.
LTMM_E_RTSP_BAD_MEDIATYPE &H8005003A The RTSP server is unable of streaming this type of file. This error is generated by the server, not the LEAD filter.
LTMM_E_BAD_MULTICAST_ADDRESS &H8005003B The RTSP server did not choose a valid multicast address.
LTMM_E_BAD_URL_OPTION &H8005003C One of the options passed through the URL (eg: transport) is invalid.
LTMM_E_BAD_INTERLEAVE_OPTION &H8005003D The RTSP server did not assign a valid interleave option.
LTMM_E_HTTP_GET_FAILED &H8005003E The HTTP GET command has failed - the RTSP server probably does not support the HTTP mode.
LTMM_E_SERVER_NOT_RESPONDING &H8005003F The server is not responding. Reconnection is advisable.
LTMM_E_ITEM_NOT_FOUND &H80050040 The item was not found.
LTMM_E_TOO_MANY_CONNECTIONS &H80050041 The maximum number of connections has been exceeded.
LTMM_E_NO_MEDIA &H80050042 No media handler is available.
LTMM_E_BAD_COMMAND &H80050043 Bad RTSP Command.
LTMM_E_MEDIA_NOT_SUPPORTED &H80050044 This media is not supported.
LTMM_E_FIELD_NOT_FOUND &H80050045 The field was not found.
LTMM_E_SESSION_NOT_FOUND &H80050046 The RTSP session was not found.
LTMM_E_OPTION_NOT_SUPPORTED &H80050047 The RTSP option is not supported.
LTMM_S_RESPONSE_PENDING &H00050048 The response to the RTSP command has been sent or will be sent later.
LTMM_E_USER_EXISTS &H80050049 The user already exists with a different password.
LTMM_E_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED &H8005004A Authentication is required.


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