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Leadtools.MedicalViewer Introduction


The LEADTOOLS MedicalViewer namespace allows you to incorporate Image Viewer Control functions in your applications. It provides support for displaying one or more images and for the real-time manipulation of one or more images .The LEADTOOLS MedicalViewer namespace is included in the LEADTOOLS  Medical Imaging toolkit.

This namespace is a high-level component for building medical display applications such as DICOM viewers, view stations, teleradiology solutions, and high-end diagnostic workstations found in radiology and other medical specialty departments. When building a PACS for radiology, cardiology, mammography, ophthalmology, pathology, dermatology, dentistry or any other specialty, this namespace will eliminate project complexity and provide a solid, reliable foundation. Typical applications that can be built using this namespace include:

  • High-end medical diagnostic workstations.
  • Medical review and quality assurance stations.
  • DICOM viewers.
  • Light-weight viewers that are typically distributed on CDs along with patient images.
  • Web-based medical viewers.

Key Features:

  • Adjust screen layout both manually and programmatically. For example, display an MRI image enlarged 2X2 beside an unenlarged (1x1) XA series of four images at 1X1. 

  • Display medical grayscale and colored images including MRI, CT, Digital X-Ray, and Ultrasound.

  • Display overlay information on the images—an essential feature for any high-end medical viewer. The programmer has full control over the text to be displayed and how it should be positioned and sized inside each window. The control also comes with a set of built-in overlays such as: window center, window width values, and field of view

  • Display fused images--multiple, overlapping images, each having some transparency. Results from different modalities can be blended (for example, a PET image can be blended with a CT scan).

  • Load and play animations.

  • Interpolated image display for higher quality.
  • Built-in ruler that adjusts based on the DPI of the image and the zoom or scale factor.
  • Snap Rulers that snap to the image.
  • Full control over display container properties such as colors, cursors, and rulers.
  • Custom LookUp Table (LUT)
  • Reset Window Level, Position, Rotation, and Zoom
  • Viewer Display Cell Support Includes:

    • Add, remove, or refresh pages or images to the viewer cells.
    • Add different images with different sizes to the same cell.
    • Fit images to a cell.
    • Manage different types of medical viewer overlay tags like Frame, Scale or Ruler unit.

    • Change the scale and offset of a single sub-cell. Includes an event that fires when the active sub-cell has been changed.

    • Calibrate cells without using the annotation ruler.

    • Freeze, and unfreeze cells.
    • Invert the images in a specified cell or sub-cell.
    • Get or set the perspective rotation angle of the specified cell or sub-cell.
    • Display Reference Lines only in selected cells.
    • Reference Lines display an index value.
    • Display the first and last Reference Lines.
  • Built-in Tools Include:

    • Window Leveling: control contrast and brightness level. Map grayscale intensities using a user-defined color map (LUT). Includes set/reset default values, with low memory options.

    • Zooming and scaling an image using Dynamic or a Custom Zoom Point. Get or set image information like height, width, or coordinates.

    • Panning and moving an image.

    • Using a Magnifying Glass.
    • Using an Owner-Draw SpyGlass. Similar to the Magnifying Glass, except that the SpyGlass sends a copy of the image region to an event, allowing the user to apply any effect to that copy. The copy is what gets displayed when the mouse hovers over that spot on the original image.
    • Single-click stacking or scrolling from one image to another in a series.
    • Using a Probe tool. Display customizable pixel information under the cursor. Supports custom text and signed images.

    • Spatial Locator. Select a point on one MPR cell and have the other cells scroll to that slice.

    • Matching Scale. When one cell is selected and zoomed in or out, select Match Scale to have the other cells match the zoom ratio.

  • Annotation (Arrow, Text, Rectangle, Ellipse, Ruler, Highlight and Angle) Support Includes:

    • Event notification when a new annotation object is created.
    • Event notification when an annotation is selected.
    • Load and save annotation objects drawn on the control.
    • Rotate, flip and reverse the annotation container.
    • Change the foreground and background colors of the text object.
    • Make single or multiple annotation selections.
    • Disable the control points on the old annotations.
    • Lock annotation objects.
    • Use a snap ruler.
  • Region of Interest (Rectangle, Square, Ellipse, Circle, Polygon, Freehand, Magic Wand, Color Range, Nudge and Shrink) Support Includes:

    • Load, save, and print region information drawn on the control.
    • Event notification when a region is created, removed or changed.
    • Click-and-drag mouse actions to expand, shrink, nudge, and change size or shape of region borders.

    • Add a region through a virtual image.

    • Remove a region.
  • Tool Settings and Actions Include:

    • Apply tool effects programmatically or through user interaction.
    • Apply tool effects to a single image, to all images in a series, or to all series managed by the control.

    • Apply actions and adjust the MedicalViewer while an animation is running.

    • Obtain image coordinates corresponding to user-specified mouse coordinates.
    • Specify events for mouse actions.
    • Specify mouse button actions.
    • Specify keyboard button actions.
    • Specify cursor display and style for annotations and regions.

The demo is capable of performing photometric interpretation, and can display Monochrome1 and Monochrome2 images. Supported Environments

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