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BarcodeData Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see BarcodeData members

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Creates an exact copy of this barcode.
CreateDefaultBarcodeData Returns an instance of BarcodeData suitable for writing containing default and valid values for the specified symbology .
GetBarcodeDataType Gets the Type of the data class associated with a specified symbology.
GetData Gets the data of this barcode as raw byte array.
Load Loads an array of BarcodeData from the specified XML file.
ParseAAMVAData Parses AAMVA data encoded in PDF417 barcodes
ParseECIData Parse barcode ECI data.
Save Saves an array of BarcodeData objects to an XML file.
SetData Sets the data of this barcode as raw byte array.
ToString Gets the data of this barcode as an ASCII string.

Protected Methods

Name Description
CopyTo Copies the members of this barcode to the specified object.
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