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There are many reasons why Linux administrators are die-hard fans, and Linux will remain a viable option to host services for many years to come. Recognizing the many benefits of Linux, LEAD Technologies has released a major update to its LEADTOOLS for Linux offering, which is available in its LEADTOOLS Document and Medical product families. With these features now available, Linux developers and administrators can leverage LEAD Technologies’ years of experience to build and host modular, enterprise document services on secure and stable Linux servers.

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer services can now be hosted on Linux as Java services. The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer includes rich document-viewing features such as text search, annotation, memory-efficient paging, inertial scrolling and vector display of files such as PDF, SVG, DOCX and DWG/DXF in HTML5 applications.

LEADTOOLS Document Writers create PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, RTF, TEXT and ALTOXML from SVG input. Other technologies within LEADTOOLS that create SVG, such as OCR, can leverage the Document Writers to save these document formats. This makes Linux the perfect platform to host enterprise OCR services to convert images to searchable and editable document formats.

LEADTOOLS Document Converter technology is now available for Linux to create powerful, automated document conversion, archival and delivery systems. Under the hood, LEADTOOLS Document Converter technology uses a combination of raster, OCR and Document Writers technologies to convert images and documents to PDF, PDF/A, DOCX, RTF, TEXT and SVG.

TWAIN remains the standard to acquire images from devices for Windows. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not taken up the mantle to provide these drivers for Linux. To work-around this limitation the Linux community has adopted the open-source SANE framework and has started creating SANE backends for many image capture devices. Recognizing that image capture is a requirement for complete document workflow, LEADTOOLS provides a Linux SANE frontend API to communicate with SANE backends.

Another major change to LEADTOOLS for Linux is a collection of new Java libraries. These Java libraries provide LEADTOOLS functionality to Linux with support for OCR, Documents library services, Document Writers, Document Converter, vector and document formats such as PDF and DOCX, and SANE scanning. Additionally, the libraries provide a common programming interface to develop applications for Windows and Linux.

With this major update, which is free to all LEADTOOLS customers with current a maintenance plan, developers can build robust, stable and secure enterprise document systems for Linux. For more information, contact sales@LEADTOOLS.com.


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