New Multimedia Updates Including H.264 and RTSP

Today we released several updates to LEADTOOLS Multimedia Version 19. In particular, the H.264 encoder and RTSP Source filter are faster and offer greater flexibility.

  • NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration (NVENC) for H.264 encoder — NVIDIA’s latest graphics cards and video drivers include even better hardware acceleration than the previous generation (NVCUVENC). H.265 support for NVENC acceleration is currently in beta and LEADTOOLS is excited about adding this support to our H.265 encoder in the future.
  • Automatic timestamp drift correction for AAC and H.264 encoders — An incredibly useful feature for the TV industry. With video capture and DVR applications often running for days, timestamps can begin to drift resulting in out of sync audio and video streams. LEADTOOLS’ AAC and H.264 encoders can now automatically detect and correct these problems when they arise in the capture hardware.
  • RTSP Source Filter callback and MaxTimeout parameter — When RTSP streams encounter connection and load-time issues, both of these features make it possible for the client to abort the process manually or after a specified amount of time.
  • YUV color space support in Video Callback Filter — Customers using the Video Callback filter can now work directly with YUV data without converting it to RGB.

All of these new features are freely available to those evaluating and who have already purchased LEADTOOLS Version 19. All you need to do is download the latest setup from our website!

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