New Medical Imaging Features in LEADTOOLS Version 19

LEADTOOLS Version 19 is here! In case you missed it yesterday, we talked about all the new Document Imaging features in Version 19. To learn more about all the new features in Version 19, check out the full list.

Today, we will dive into the Medical Imaging SDK Technology in LEADTOOLS 19, which is headlined by the new HL7 SDK and redesigned HTML5 / JavaScript Medical Viewer.


  • Message encoder and decoder
  • Listener service
  • Integration with Modality Worklist (MWL) demos

DICOM Storage Server

  • New optional third-party cloud storage integration
  • Cloud storage can be automatic or managed through a Cloud Scheduler
  • Includes source code for add-ins for popular cloud storage services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • EMC Atmos
    • Create your own add-in for any cloud storage provider

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • New and improved design and UI interface
  • New standalone control
  • Redesigned with AngularJS
  • Increased overall performance
  • Improved reference line support
  • User-interface tools and actions
    • Hounsfield Unit
    • Probe
    • Spy Glass with various options
    • Shutter tool that supports multiple objects
    • Cobb Angle
  • A simple, yet effective synchronization tool
  • New mapping index array feature
  • Assign weight to overlay text
  • Added patient projection support
  • Interval / delay option for requesting the full image
  • Added support for selected / unselected border color for cells and sub-cells
  • Added multiple selection support
  • Exploded property
  • Added drag & drop support
  • Enhanced symmetric sub-cell layout
  • New events and callbacks
  • Added .NET and JavaScript interfaces for externally/programmatically controlling the viewer

Desktop Medical Viewer

  • Added manual zoom options for Spy Glass
  • New Nudge and Shrink tools
  • New Shutter tool
  • Added Cobb Angle tool for all platforms
  • Added full support for LEADTOOLS annotations
  • Added image orientation for each frame in a series
  • Added support for annotation automation
  • Enhanced image alignment
  • New options for saving images
  • Added ability to edit any selected annotation
  • Improvements to Medical Viewer Demo including Stent, Image Processing, Reset and more

Dental Display Module

  • Hanging protocols using DICOM structured display files
  • Custom dental image processing functions including Perio, Endo and Dentin
  • Monitor calibration options
  • Viewer displays list of all available series
  • Search results custom-tailored for dental imaging

Medical 3D

  • New color map tool that remaps the VRT volume RGBA histogram, apply various preset palettes, and save the channels’ curves
  • Added ability to save 3D object as a raster image
  • Added ability to save MPR images as DICOM with complete metadata including orientation, position, window level, etc.

New Fusion Demo

  • Load DICOMDIR support
  • Use palette for fused image and original image
  • Scale, Offset and Rotate any fused image
  • Support for transparency action
  • Window level each fused image
  • Combine fused cells with automatic alignment

Additional Medical Updates

  • DICOM IODs updated to latest DICOM specifications
  • CCOW web interface
  • New medical-specific image processing
    • G-Wire
    • K-Means
    • Lambda Connectedness
    • Level Set
    • OTSU Thresholding
    • Perspective Alignment
    • Shrink Wrap
    • Speckle-reducing Anisotropic Diffusion
    • Tensor-guided Anisotropic Diffusion
    • Watershed

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Engine.

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