Faster Loading of Large Series in HTML5/JavaScript Medical Viewer

As we continue down the road from our recent LEADTOOLS Version 19 April Update, we are particularly excited about the enhancement we’re going into more detail about today. As you might see from the title, our engineers were able to speed up the HTML5/JavaScript Medical Viewer.

No, this isn’t one of those “it’s faster” kind of announcements because we tested it on a new server or installed Google Fiber (technically, that’s still under construction but we’re kind of excited about that here in Charlotte, NC…back to my point!!!). This is a really big deal, and are talking about improvements of up to 5 – 12 times faster loading speeds! This update loads DICOM images over the web at nearly the same speed as a desktop application.

You aren’t likely going to notice this on just a single image or a small series of images. Once you start getting into the triple digits though, prepare to be amazed. The need for this improvement has risen from the wonderful reality that modalities such as CT and MRI are getting better and better, capturing more slices and at higher resolutions.

To demonstrate, we’ve put together a simple side-by-side screen capture of the old and new code retrieving the same series:

If you are currently using the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Medical Viewer, you can either try it out for yourself on our live online demo, or download the latest setup for LEADTOOLS Version 19 to get the latest codebase with these massive speed improvements.


Developer Support Manager

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