Old App? No Problem. Mobilize.Net and LEADTOOLS Team Up

Do you have any old (sorry, legacy) applications that need upgrading? I don’t just mean something you developed with .NET 2.0…how about VB6? Go ahead, raise your hand, this is a judgement-free zone!

Mobilize.Net and LEADTOOLS teamed up to tackle the following requirements:

  • Migrate an old Enterprise Retail Planning (ERP) application running on a Microsoft Access database to a web application
  • Implement new document imaging technologies like Barcode to add time-saving processes and workflows

Either one of those tasks by itself sounds daunting. Porting an application to a new language and environment is tedious work; and coding all the imaging technology necessary to load and process images could take years of R&D. In short, Mobilize.Net’s WebMap was able to rapidly convert the old VB application to ASP.NET MVC, and LEADTOOLS took care of loading the image and extracting the data encoded in the PDF417 barcode captured from inventory shipments.

To see the full story, head over to the Mobilize.NET blog!

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