New White Paper: Creating and Processing OMR Forms with LEADTOOLS

We have continued our recent series of white papers on ways to use LEADTOOLS Document Imaging technology to conquer real-world application development scenarios. Today’s white paper covers yet another aspect of Forms Recognition and shows how to use LEADTOOLS to aid in both the creation and processing of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) dominated forms.

If you have been keeping up with our white papers or are already familiar with LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition, you understand how master form templates are set up and lay a foundation for the rest of the forms recognition and processing workflow (if not, check out our previous white paper). When you look at a survey, bubble-sheet, or other type of scanned document which is chock-full of OMR fields it is quite intimidating due to how much time will likely need to be spent creating the master forms. Thankfully, the AutoZone method in LEADTOOLS OCR is able to detect OMR zones and therefore find and add all of the fields with just a few lines of code. Then after that, processing the forms and extracting the data is a breeze.

Creating and Processing OMR Forms with LEADTOOLS
Forms recognition and processing is used all over the world to tackle a wide variety of tasks including classification, document archival, optical character recognition and optical mark recognition. Out of those general categories, OMR is an oft misunderstood and underused feature in document imaging due to the time consuming nature of setting up OMR based forms and the difficulty of accurately detecting which OMR fields are filled on a scanned document. This white paper will discuss how to alleviate both of these common problems by developing an OMR forms recognition application with LEADTOOLS.

If you would like to download the full example project, you can get it from the Code Project article where we have also circulated this white paper.

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