OCR Simplified

On the outside, OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) is a pretty straight forward concept. You take an image (scanned document in most cases), and convert it into a searchable or editable format such as PDF, Word or Text. On the inside, however, OCR is far from simple. There are many variables that affect the accuracy of OCR such as resolution, image noise, zoning, multi-language documents, various fonts, color images, and many more. We made a concerted effort to alleviate those issues by handling them automatically, making OCR integration as simple as possible for the developer. In fact, you can OCR and convert an image to a searchable document in only 3 lines of code. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Check out my code project article where I dive into the LEADTOOLS OCR SDK a bit more.

Otis Goodwin

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