Parse, Edit, and Save PDF Form Fields

Many developers building document viewing solutions often have to load and edit PDF form field data. For programmers who use the LEADTOOLS PDF SDK or the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK this is an easy task! With minimal code, developers leveraging LEADTOOLS can easily provide users an interface to load and enter data into PDF form fields and then save the PDF.

The code snippets below show how to load, edit, and save PDF form fields.

Load PDF Form Fields

function selectAndLoadFile() {
   //creates an input element on the Import Document button to upload files 
   //into the document editor 
   var input = document.createElement('input');
   input.type = 'file'; = 'none';
   input.accept = '.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .txt';
   input.onchange = function (e) {
      var files = input.files;
      if (!files || !files.length)
      var file = files[0]; = 'wait';
      //Create the document loading options
      var loadDocumentOptions = new lt.Document.LoadDocumentOptions();
      loadDocumentOptions.loadFormFieldsMode = 1;
      //load the document from a file using the options
      lt.Document.DocumentFactory.loadFromFile(file, loadDocumentOptions)
         .done((doc) => {
            //set the new document in the document viewer
            //check to see if the document has form fields
            if (doc.formFields.hasFormFields) {
               console.log("This document has PDF Form Fields. Click the 'Display Field Data in the Console' to see more information")
            else {
               console.log("This document does not have PDF Form Fields")
      //return the cursor to default = 'default';

Export and Save PDF Form Fields

function exportPDF() {
   //gets the document in the document viewer
   var doc = documentViewer.document;
   //prepares the document for saving
   //saves the document to the cache
      .done(function () {
         //once the doc is saved to the cache, creates the printing option
         var options = new lt.Document.Viewer.PrintDocumentOptions();
         options.showAnnotations = true;
         options.usePdfPrinting = true;
         //gets the iframe HTMLElement that will "house" the printable pdf
         options.parent = document.getElementById('parent');
         //prints and opens the browser printer for saving/printing

For more information on the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK, check out our full tutorial to Load,​ Edit,​ and Export PDF Form Field Compatible PDF Files.

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