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Overview and description of Leadtools Controls classes, delegates, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class CanvasOptions Options to use when HTML5 Canvas Elements are created.
Class ControlDropShadowOptions Options for rendering a drop shadow.
Class ControlInertiaScrollOptions Options to use with inertia scroll support.
Class ControlPadding Represents padding or margin information associated with a user interface (UI) element.
Class ControlRegionRenderer Use by the controls to render the regions outlines.
Class ElementInsertionHelper A utility class for controlling HTML element pointer events with the ImageViewer.
Class ImageViewer Represents a scrollable control that displays one or more raster or SVG images and provides optional interactive UI operations.
Class ImageViewerActiveItemInteractiveMode Allows you to change the current active item in the viewer by using a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or multi-touch device.
Class ImageViewerAutoPanInteractiveMode Automatically pans the view when the mouse, touch screen, or multi-touch device is next to the edge.
Class ImageViewerCenterAtInteractiveMode Centers (and optionally zooms) the image inside the viewer based on user mouse click or touch tap.
Class ImageViewerCreateOptions Options for creating an ImageViewer
Class ImageViewerDragInteractiveMode Drags images and floaters from an image viewer using a mouse, touch screen, or multi-touch device, often to achieve Drag and Drop effects.
Class ImageViewerElementsModeCreateOptions Elements mode-specific settings to use when creating an ImageViewer.
Class ImageViewerElementsUpdatedEventArgs Data for the ElementsUpdated event.
Class ImageViewerHorizontalViewLayout Defines the horizontal view layout.
Class ImageViewerImageLoadingEventArgs Data for the image loading event.
Class ImageViewerInteractiveMode Base class for the rich user experience features of the ImageViewer.
Class ImageViewerInteractiveModes Defines a collection of ImageViewerInteractiveMode objects.
Class ImageViewerItem Represents an ImageViewer item, each containing its own image data, size, and optional additional transformations.
Class ImageViewerItemActivateEventArgs Data for the ImageViewerSelectItemsInteractiveMode.ItemActivate event.
Class ImageViewerItemChangedEventArgs Data for the ItemChanged event.
Class ImageViewerItemDragDropEventArgs Data for the ItemDragDrop event.
Class ImageViewerItemErrorEventArgs Data for the ItemError event.
Class ImageViewerItems Collection of ImageViewer items.
Class ImageViewerMagnifyGlassInteractiveMode Shows a magnified version of the image on top of the viewer.
Class ImageViewerNoneInteractiveMode Implementation of ImageViewerInteractiveMode that does not have an action.
Class ImageViewerPagerInteractiveMode Changes the active item using the mouse or touch.
Class ImageViewerPanControl Supports displaying a scaled view of an ImageViewer into an external HTML5 Canvas Element with panning support.
Class ImageViewerPanZoomInteractiveMode Provides interactive pan and zoom user interface functionality to an ImageViewer.
Class ImageViewerRenderEventArgs Contains data used for rendering the image viewer.
Class ImageViewerRenderRedirectOptions Options to use with RenderRedirect to re-direct the rendering of the content of the viewer to an external context.
Class ImageViewerRubberBandEventArgs Contains data for the RubberBandStarted,rubberbanddelta andRubberBandCompleted events.
Class ImageViewerRubberBandInteractiveMode Draws a shape on the viewer.
Class ImageViewerSelectItemsInteractiveMode Allows selection of items using the mouse, touch or keyboard.
Class ImageViewerSingleViewLayout Defines the single view layout.
Class ImageViewerSpyGlassDrawImageEventArgs Contains the event data for the ImageViewerSpyGlassInteractiveMode.DrawImage event.
Class ImageViewerSpyGlassInteractiveMode Draws and pans a spy glass on the viewer.
Class ImageViewerVerticalViewLayout Defines the vertical view layout.
Class ImageViewerViewLayout Defines an ImageViewer layout controller.
Class ImageViewerViewLayoutVector Holds the first and last items' indexes of the perpendicular vector of the view layout.
Class ImageViewerZoomAtInteractiveMode Zooms the image inside the viewer around the user's mouse click or touch tap.
Class ImageViewerZoomToInteractiveMode Zooms to a rectangle on the image.
Class InertiaParams Defines the properties available on each call to the custom inertia scroll function.
Class InteractiveDragCompletedEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.DragCompleted event.
Class InteractiveDragDeltaEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.DragDelta event.
Class InteractiveDragEventArgs A base class for all the interactive drag events.
Class InteractiveDragStartedEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.DragStarted event.
Class InteractiveEventArgs Defines the Base class for all the interactive events.
Class InteractiveKeyEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.KeyDown andInteractiveService.KeyUp events.
Class InteractiveMultiTouchEventArgs Defines the base class for all the multi-touch interactive events.
Class InteractivePinchCompletedEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.PinchCompleted event.
Class InteractivePinchDeltaEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.PinchDelta event.
Class InteractivePinchStartedEventArgs Contains data for the InteractiveService.PinchStarted event.
Class InteractiveService Defines the service to translate mouse and touch events to common user interface interactions.
Class InterpolationEventArgs Data for the interpolation event.
Class PropertyChangedEventArgs Contains the event data for property change events.
Delegate Description
Delegate CalculateInertiaCallback A callback type used in custom and default inertia function implementations.
Delegate ControlRegionRenderCallback Callback used to customize rendering the outline of regions.
Enumeration Description
Enumeration ControlAlignment Indicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element.
Enumeration ControlRegionRenderMode Determines how to render the outline of a region area.
Enumeration ControlScrollMode Determines how the control displays and uses scrollbars.
Enumeration ControlSizeMode Determines how the control displays the image and the automatic adjustments of the display rectangles.
Enumeration ControlTextTrimming Specifies how to trim characters from a string that does not completely fit into a layout shape.
Enumeration ImageViewerAutoItemMode Specifies how to use the item in the interactive mode.
Enumeration ImageViewerAutoResetOptions Specifies options to control which display properties get reset when an image is set into the control.
Enumeration ImageViewerCoordinateType Defines the coordinate system of a point.
Enumeration ImageViewerDragMode Drag mode to use.
Enumeration ImageViewerDragTargetMode Specifies the drag target allowed by ImageViewerDragInteractiveMode
Enumeration ImageViewerInteractiveModeTransformTarget An enumeration used for indicating where an ImageViewerInteractiveMode transformation should be applied.
Enumeration ImageViewerItemChangedReason Describes the reason why an item has been changed in the ImageViewer
Enumeration ImageViewerItemDragDropOperation Current drag/drop operation.
Enumeration ImageViewerItemPart Defines a part of an item in ImageViewer.
Enumeration ImageViewerRubberBandShape Shapes used by the rubberband interactive mode.
Enumeration ImageViewerSelectionMode Defines the selection mode.
Enumeration ImageViewerSpyGlassCrosshair Specifies the crosshair type of the spy glass.
Enumeration ImageViewerSpyGlassShape Specifies the shape of the ImageViewerSpyGlassInteractiveMode spy glass.
Enumeration InteractiveDirection Indicates drag direction.
Enumeration InterpolationMode Interpolation mode support by LEADTOOLS.
Enumeration InterpolationRunMode How interpolation will be run when active for multiple pages.
Enumeration InterpolationStatus Current interpolation status.
Enumeration Keys Specifies a key code.
Enumeration MouseButtons Specifies a mouse button.

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