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For pointers to sample programs that demonstrate many features, see the table below:



Redistributables Paths

JS File/Namespace


Leadtools.Controls.js - Leadtools.Controls

Contains the ImageViewer Control and classes for UI interactive mode support.

Sample Programs

Name Path Description
DocumentCompareDemo \Examples\Viewers\JS\DocumentCompareDemo
Document Composer Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\DocumentComposerDemo

Demonstrates the ability to construct a new document from the pages of other documents.

Pages can be re-ordered, added, or deleted.

Document Viewer Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\DocumentViewerDemo

Demonstrates using the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer SDK with HTML5 / JavaScript.

  • Load a document from local disk or a url
  • Draw annotations on the document
  • Use thumbnail viewer
  • Interactive zooming/panning
JavaScript Document Viewer Simple Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\DocumentViewerSimpleDemo

Demonstrates simplicity of the JavaScript Document Viewer.

Viewer Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerDemo

Demonstrates using the LEADTOOLS Image Viewer in HTML5 / JavaScript.

  • Load image from URL
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Flip horizontal/vertical
  • Save image
Drag and Drop Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerDragDropDemo

Demonstrates how the LEADTOOLS Image Viewer supports both the native HTML Drag and Drop and a custom item-based mode for both desktop and mobile devices.

Viewer Inline Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerInlineDemo

Demonstrates how an Image Viewer component can be embedded on a page with minimal configuration.

Viewer Simple Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerSimpleDemo

Demonstrates the use of typescript with LEADTOOLS with a simple web viewer example.

Viewer Styles Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerStylesDemo

Demonstrates how the Elements Mode of the LEADTOOLS ImageViewer can respond to CSS transitions.

Viewer Thumbnails Demo \Examples\Viewers\JS\ViewerThumbnailsDemo

Demonstrates the thumbnail viewer using a simple thumbnail viewer and viewer example in the browser.

LEADVIEW_DocumentViewerDemo \Examples\Viewers\JS\LEADVIEW_DocumentViewerDemo
LEADVIEW_RedactDemo \Examples\Viewers\JS\LEADVIEW_RedactDemo
Annotations.JavaScript \Examples\Annotation\JS\DemoLibraries\Annotations.JavaScript
Annotations.UserMedicalPack \Examples\Annotation\JS\DemoLibraries\Annotations.UserMedicalPack
Demos.Annotations \Examples\Annotation\JS\DemoLibraries\Demos.Annotations
Annotations Demo \Examples\Annotation\JS\AnnotationsDemo

Demonstrates Annotations (image markup) functionality.

Annotation objects: Rectangle, Ellipse, Hilite, Line, Redact, Text, Ruler, Protractor, CrossProduct, Image, TextPointer, Point, Curve, Point, Polygon, Polyline

Bank Check Reader Demo \Examples\Forms\JS\BankCheckDemo

Demonstrates MICR and bank check reading using HTML5 / JavaScript.

ID Reader Demo \Examples\Forms\JS\IDReaderDemo

Demonstrates Forms Recognition to extract ID information.

MRTD Reader Demo \Examples\Forms\JS\MRTDDemo

Demonstrates using the MRTD Reader to read a passport image and parse out the information.

Barcode Reader Demo \Examples\Barcode\JS\BarcodeDemo

Demonstrate barcode functionality using HTML5 / JavaScript

  • Load barcode image from URL
  • Scan barcodes from browser
Image Processing Demo \Examples\ImageProcessing\JS\ImageProcessingDemo

Demonstrates image processing effects using HTML5 / JavaScript.

OCR Demo \Examples\OCR\JS\OcrDemo

Demonstrates OCR support.

Load an image from a URL and OCR its text.

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