L_SvgSortElementsCallback Function

#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_INT pEXT_CALLBACK YourFunction(flatDocHandle, info, userData)

Processes each SVG elment from the L_SvgSortElements function.


const L_SvgNodeHandle flatDocHandle

Handle of the source SVG document.

const L_SvgElementInfo* info

Pointer to structure that contains information about the svg element.

L_VOID* userData

Void pointer that you can use to access a variable or structure containing data that your callback function needs. This gives you a way to receive data indirectly from the function that uses this callback function. This is the same pointer that you pass in the pUserData parameter of the L_SvgSortElements function. Keep in mind that this is a void pointer, which must be cast to the appropriate data type within your callback function.


Value Meaning
TRUE Continue to the next element, if any.
FALSE Stop enumerating.


Support for SVG is only available in the Document and Medical Imaging toolkits.

For more information on flat SVG documents and bounds and resolution, refer to SVG Size, Bounds and Flat.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For an example, refer to L_SvgSortElements.

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