struct L_SvgElementInfo 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_SvgElementType Type; 
   L_RECTD Bounds; 
   L_SvgTextData TextData; 
typedef struct L_SvgElementInfo L_SvgElementInfo; 

The L_SvgElementInfo structure is used by the L_SvgSortElementsCallback function and holds the information of an SVG element.


L_UINT StructSize

Size of this structure. Use sizeof (L_SvgElementInfo).

L_SvgElementType Type

The SVG element type. Default value is L_SvgElementType_Unknown.
If this element is text, then TextData will contain further details regarding the text of the element.
If this element is not text, then TextData will be NULL.

L_RECTD Bounds

The physical (pixels) bounding rectangle of the SVG element. Default value is an L_RECTD initialized to all 0's.

L_SvgTextData TextData

The text data if this is a text SVG element or NULL otherwise. Default value is NULL.
Only valid if Type is a text SVG element.


Holds the information of an SVG element.

Used by the L_SvgSortElementsCallback function, which is called by L_SvgSortElements, and holds the information of an SVG element.

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