struct L_SvgLoadOptions 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_SvgLoadFlags LoadFlags; 
   L_UINT MaximumElements; 
typedef struct L_SvgLoadOptions L_SvgLoadOptions; 

The L_SvgLoadOptions structure is used by the L_SvgLoadDocument and L_SvgLoadDocumentMemory functions to set the options of the loaded SVG document.


L_UINT StructSize

Size of this structure. Use sizeof (L_SvgLoadOptions).

L_SvgLoadFlags LoadFlags

The options to use when loading SVG documents.
This member allows you to drop certain elements when loading SVG documents. For example, if you are only interested in the text elements of the SVG, then set LoadFlags to L_SvgLoadFlags_DropShapes | L_SvgLoadFlags_DropImages, and the engine will not load these types of elements to reserve memory and system resources.

L_UINT MaximumElements

The maximum number of elements.


Creating an SVG document with text only is desired in certain scenarios. For example, if the application loads SVG document to parse the text values and store them in an external database for text search purposes, then setting the value of LoadFlags to L_SvgLoadFlags_DropShapes | L_SvgLoadFlags_DropImages will speed up the loading operation and elements not required will be discarded. This is especially useful if the original SVG document contains image elements which may use a lot of memory and disk space.

L_SvgLoadDocument and L_SvgLoadDocumentMemory use L_SvgLoadOptions to set the load options when loading an SVG document.

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