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struct L_SvgSaveOptions 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_BOOL Formatted; 
   L_TCHAR Indent[10]; 
   L_SvgEncoding Encoding; 
   L_SvgFormat Format; 
typedef struct L_SvgSaveOptions L_SvgSaveOptions; 

The L_SvgSaveOptions structure is used by the L_SvgSaveDocument function, which saves an SVG document as an SVG file.

Member Description
StructSize Size of this structure. Use sizeof (L_SvgSaveOptions).
Formatted Indicates whether the final SVG document is formatted for human reading.
When TRUE each element of the SVG will be in its own line.
The value of Indent will be used to indent the elements in the hierarchy.
Indent The string to use for indentation when saving the SVG document.
Default value is two spaces " ".
The value of Formatted must be TRUE to use this member.
To use a standard Tab character, set the value of Indent to "\t".
Encoding The text encoding to use when saving the SVG document.
Default value is L_SvgEncoding_UTF8.
Format The format to use when saving the SVG document. Possible values are listed in table below.


Value Meaning
(0) L_SvgFormat_Svg Non-compressed SVG.
(1) L_SvgFormat_Svgz Compressed SVG.


SVG write options

Used with L_SvgSaveDocument and L_SvgSaveDocumentMemory to set the text options of the final SVG document.

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