struct L_SvgBounds 
   L_UINT StructSize; 
   L_BOOL IsValid; 
   L_BOOL IsTrimmed; 
   L_SIZED Resolution; 
   L_RECTD Bounds; 
typedef struct L_SvgBounds L_SvgBounds; 

The L_SvgBounds structure represents the calculated bounds of an SVG document.


L_UINT StructSize

Size of this structure. Use sizeof (L_SvgBounds).

L_BOOL IsValid

TRUE if the SVG document contains valid calculated bounds; otherwise, FALSE.
If the value of IsValid is FALSE, then the rest of the properties of this class do not contain valid values.
This value is set to TRUE by L_SvgCalculateBounds.

L_BOOL IsTrimmed

TRUE if Bounds was calculated by cropping the child elements themselves and ignoring the SVG document size.
This property is set to the same value passed as "trimmed" to L_SvgCalculateBounds.

L_SIZED Resolution

The resolution (Dots Per Inch) of the SVG document.
The resolution is not part of the SVG standard. It is required by LEADTOOLS to convert pixel bounds to any logical units. Currently, LEADTOOLS saves this value in custom dpiX and dpiY attributes in the root svg element.
This property is set to the calculated resolution (dots per inch) or the document by L_SvgCalculateBounds.

L_RECTD Bounds

The physical bounds in pixels of this SVG document.
This property is set to the calculated bounds in physical units (pixels) by L_SvgCalculateBounds.


Represents the calculated bounds of an SVG document.

Used with L_SvgSetBounds and L_SvgCalculateBounds to get the calculated bounds of an SVG document.

For more information on flat SVG documents and bounds and resolution, refer to SVG Size, Bounds and Flat.

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