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StentEnhancementCommand Class

Performs a digital stent enhancement on a sequence of X-Ray frames. This enhances the visibility of the stent device in X-Ray angiography sequence of the coronary arteries.

public class StentEnhancementCommand : RasterCommand, IDisposable 
Public Class StentEnhancementCommand  
   Inherits RasterCommand 
   Implements RasterCommand, System.IDisposable  
public ref class StentEnhancementCommand : public RasterCommand, System.IDisposable   
  • This command enhances the visibility of the stent device by compensating for motion and integrating the frames of the X-Ray sequence.
  • The output of the command is an averaged image for which motion has been compensated.
  • To use the command:

    1. Load the sequence of frames to be enhanced.
    2. Choose a reference frame and draw a rectangle which covers the stent device throughout all of the frames.
    3. To detect the markers for the stent device, either use the DetectMarkers method, or input them using the FirstMarker and SecondMarker properties.
    4. Use the RunCommand to perform the enhancement process.
    5. Obtain the averaged image from the EnhancedImage property, then apply different contrast enhancements, such as the MultiscaleEnhancementCommand.
  • This command does not support camera motion (C-Arm motion).

  • To get the best result, the sequence should contain more than 40 frames.
  • This command supports 8, 12, 16-bit grayscale images.

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