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ExtractObjectsCommand Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property CheckContainerSubchildren Indicates whether the number of children for container filtering includes sub-children.
Public Property CheckForTables Indicates whether the cells within a container should be preserved or ignored.
Public Property ColorInfo The colors for extraction.
Public Property ContainerMinCount Gets or sets the minimum child count for container filtering.
Public Property Data Gets the extracted objects.
Public Property DetectChildren Indicates whether an object hierarchy should be determined during extraction.
Public Property EightConnectivity Indicates whether the diagonals will be considered during object extraction.
Public Property Flatten Indicates whether the final lists should store the children of an object immediately after the parent.
Public Property HasProgress Determines if the command object has a progress event handler set. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
Public Property IgnoreContainers Indicates whether to ignore the container during extraction.
Public Property IgnoreLargeNoise Indicates whether a large noise should be ignored during extraction.
Public Property IgnoreSmallNoise Indicates whether a small noise should be ignored during extraction.
Public Property LargeNoiseThreshold Gets or sets the threshold for large noise.
Public Property MaxObjectCount The maximum number of objects to extract.
Public Property Outline Indicates whether the ExObjObject.Outline should be populated during extraction.
Public Property ReportIgnored Indicates whether the ignored objects should be returned after extraction.
Public Property ROI The region of interest for extraction.
Public Property SmallNoiseThreshold Gets or sets the threshold for small noise.
Public Property SortTopLeft Indicates whether to sort the top-level lists.
Public Property TableMaxBorderPercent The maximum percentage of black pixels for a container to be considered a table.
Public Property TableSizeThreshold The minimum pixel size for a container to be considered a table.
Public Property UseMultiColors Indicates whether object extraction should be performed for multiple colors instead of bitonal.
Public Property UseROI Indicates whether extraction is limited to the ROI.

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