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InvertedTextCommandFlags Enumeration

Flags that determine the behavior of the inverted text removal process.

public enum InvertedTextCommandFlags   
Public Enum InvertedTextCommandFlags  
typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, LTInvertedTextCommandFlags) 
public enum InvertedTextCommandFlags 
public enum class InvertedTextCommandFlags   
0x00000000None No flags.
0x00000001UseDpi The unit of measure for all properties of the InvertedTextCommand is thousandths of an inch. Use the image's DPI to convert to pixels. This allows the processing of many images with different DPI. If this flag is not set, the unit of measure for all properties of the InvertedTextCommand is pixels.
0x00000002SingleRegion For each inverted text segment encountered by InvertedTextCommand, if the Status is set to RemoveStatus.Remove, the removed inverted text is added to an internal single region. If it is set to RemoveStatus.NoRemove, the inverted text is not added to the single region. When InvertedTextCommand returns, either ImageRegion or Region will reference a region that contains all the removed inverted text. If LeadRegion is also set, ImageRegion will be updated with a shallow copy of the image that has a LEAD region that contains all of the inverted text. If LeadRegion is not set, Region is updated with a LEADTOOLS RasterRegion that contains all of the inverted text. When the region (either LEAD or Windows) is no longer needed, it must be disposed of (either region allocated in ImageRegion or Region).
0x00000004LeadRegion When InvertedTextCommand returns, ImageRegion is updated with a shallow copy of the Run method image that also contains a region with all the inverted text that has been removed. This flag must be used in conjunction with SingleRegion. So set Flags to SingleRegion | LeadRegion.
0x00000008CallBackRegion The Region property receives a LEADTOOLS RasterRegion that contains the current inverted text to be removed. Setting this flag lets users create their own composites of removed inverted text by combining the regions received (if Status is set to RemoveStatus.Remove). The regions can be combined using a logical OR operator. Combining all regions received when the Status is set to RemoveStatus.Remove results in a region identical to the region created when SingleRegion is set in Flags. For an example, refer to InvertedTextCommand. When the region received by the Region property is no longer needed, dispose of it.
0x00000010ImageUnchanged The Run method image is unchanged.
0x00001000UseDiagonals Considers pixels that are diagonal to the inverted text as part of the inverted text.

You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one or more flags.


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