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AutoZoningOptions Enumeration

Flags that determine the behavior of the auto zoning process.

public enum AutoZoningOptions 
Public Enum AutoZoningOptions 
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTAutoZoningOptions) 
public enum AutoZoningOptions 
public enum class AutoZoningOptions   
0x80000000DontUseMultiThreading Don't Use Multithreading (that will be used with a single-core CPUs)
0x00000000DontRecognizeOneCellTable Do not recognize tables that contain only one cell. (ignore one-cell tables (borders), and detect what is inside.)
0x00000000UseNormalTableDetection Use Normal Table Detection
0x00000000DetectAccurateZones Don't merge text zones and keep them separated (paragraphs)
0x00000000UseMultiThreading Use Multithreading (that will be faster with a multi-core CPUs)
0x00000000None None.
0x00000000DontAllowOverlap Don't allow overlapping zones.
0x00000000HighCheckboxDetectionSensitivity The sensitivity of matching the checkboxes shape is high, and hence, the false negative detection is low.
0x00000001DetectText Detect text zones.
0x00000002DetectGraphics Detect graphic zones.
0x00000004DetectTable Detect table zones.
0x00010007DetectAll Detect all zones.
0x00000010AllowOverlap Allows overlapping zones.
0x00000100DetectGeneralZones Merge text zones to the maximum.
0x00000200AsianAutoZone Detect Asian text (Japanese, Chinese, Korean...etc).
0x00001000RecognizeOneCellTable Recognize tables that contain only one cell, (consider the borders as one-cell tables).
0x00002000UseAdvancedTableDetection Use Advanced Table Detection to return more accurate results and detect complex tables
0x00004000UseLinesReconstruction Use Lines Reconstruction to connect broken lines and for patterned tables.
0x00008000UseTextDetectionVersion Modifies the input image removing tables and graphics, leaving only the text area. It won't return the text zones in the IList<T> containing the recognized zones.
Note: Make a copy of the original image if you want to keep it, since when this function is set to UseTextDetectionVersion the original image is modified.
0x00010000DetectCheckbox Detect checkboxes zones.
0x00100000VerticalText Detect vertical text zones.
0x00200000LowCheckboxDetectionSensitivity The sensitivity of matching the checkboxes shape is low, and hence, the false negative detection is high.
0x00400000FavorGraphics Efficiently detects and cleans up Figures.

You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one or more flags.


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